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Интернет-магазин ювелирных украшений

Goals, tasks
Quickly develop a streaming service interface. The service consists of two categories of users: streamer and user. Each has its own interface.

We were severely limited in functionality, because the project needed to be launched into development as soon as possible. Therefore, they did not invent a bicycle and focused on similar streaming services.

It was necessary to develop a design based on components, so that at any time it could be reassembled, add new elements or modify old ones.
The interface pages are divided into blocks that are easily traced in the design. A full-fledged ui-kit with a library of components has also been prepared.
User flow, interactive prototype, desktop, tablet and mobile design
development of UI-kit and preparation of layouts for layout
21 days
development time
How the work was been
I analyzed competitors and interfaces in similar niches.
Together with the analyst and developers, a document was prepared describing the necessary functionality - focusing on the available resources at the time of development.
I prepared a black and white prototype, which we agreed with the programmers and already sent to work for development in order to speed up the process.
User Flow
The User Flow was in the form of an interactive prototype with all click transitions in Figma and a static layout with arrows and my explanations of how everything should work.
Design of the entire interface with adaptives. They had to be done right away, because they were running out of time and the developers made up adaptives immediately for the desktop version.
Example of adaptives: tablet version 744 and mobile version 375
Mobile version
Particular attention was paid to the mobile version.
UI kit and layout preparation
to layout.
I finalized the layout already at the final stage - once again I prepared everything for delivery to the layout, developed the UI-kit based on the already created components.
What is the result.
It is expected that the project will be further developed. We will look at metrics and user behavior and refine the existing interface. In fact, the task was to develop an MVP as soon as possible and put it into operation. Here I showed the final version of what we came to. But the product will change :)
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