Landing Page on Tilda
for a sports equipment

Дизайн сайта для мобильного приложения

Objectives and Tasks
Develop a landing page on Tilda for a company engaged in the manufacturing and sale of sports equipment.
About the Project
The company specializes in the production and sale of sports equipment, with a strong focus on service, taking on all the work from designing the gym to delivering equipment to the client. They are direct suppliers of UFS and Digger, which needed to be clearly reflected on the website.
pdated and edited by the client
14 дней
time of developing
Design Concepts
Prepared 5 options for the first screen to choose from, in different color schemes and with various fonts.
What Was Done
  1. Preparation and research
  2. Rewriting and copywriting texts, preparing a prototype with them
  3. Four design concept options for the first block were proposed
  4. Design of all pages
  5. Refinement, addition of new blocks
  6. Transferring the site to Tilda, layout, refinement of some blocks with code
  7. Adaptation of the site for 5 screen resolutions, with special attention to the mobile version
  8. Preparation of several pages for A/B testing
  9. Technical settings, form integration, preparation of instructions for further work
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