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Website on Tilda
for a Teeth Whitening

Дизайн сайта для мобильного приложения

About the project
Teeth Whitening Studio in Krasnodar
Objectives and Tasks
The task was to develop a landing page on Tilda, redesign the old site, retaining the previous structure and texts, which is updated and edited by the client.
updated and edited by the client.
10 days
time of developing
Interview and Preparation
Initially, I conducted an interview with the client to dive deeper into the task and help unveil all the nuances on the website. I created a project card and outlined all the subsequent steps and processes.
Creative Concept
I conducted a small competitor research and prepared a creative concept. I described the main ideas, meanings, the mood of the project, and showed references of websites and mood boards.
Design Concepts
I developed several design concept options for the first block in different styles, but retained the color palette.

The client had her own logo, which did not need to be changed.

Main Design
After choosing a concept, I developed the design for the entire main page, then moved on to layout the site on Tilda.
Что было сделано:
  1. Preparation and Research
  2. Five design concept options for the first block were proposed
  3. Page Design
  4. Transferring the site to Tilda, layout, animation
  5. Adaptation of the site for 5 screen resolutions, special attention was given to the mobile version
  6. Technical settings, connection of forms
Adaptations and Settings
After the layout, I moved on to preparing adaptations, with a special focus on the mobile version. I made all the necessary technical settings, added technical pages, and performed standard SEO optimization.
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