for bankruptcy trades and auctions

Интернет-магазин ювелирных украшений

About the Project
This is an aggregator and search engine for trades from the largest trading platforms in Russia.
Goals and Objectives
It was necessary to redesign the old interface because it had become significantly outdated and did not solve a number of tasks; it was difficult to perceive. Some pages were created from scratch, completely reworking scenarios and UX, while other pages were brought into line with the new design, without significantly changing the interface.

Some pages were tidied up in accordance with the new UI kit, creating two adaptive versions — for tablets and mobile screens. Special attention was paid to the mobile version, as almost half of the traffic comes from there.
What Was Done
Research, detailed wireframes, User Flow, interactive prototype, adaptive versions, development of a UI kit, and preparation of layouts for web development.
40 Days
development time
Launched Project
You can view it at the link:
UX research
I studied the metrics and webvisor of pages, wrote down hypotheses and interface solution options.
Competitor Analysis
I researched competitors, compiled a general table for all the main companies, then studied the interfaces, design, and good solutions in more detail, which could be further refined.
Next, I developed wireframes for the main pages. I made them detailed because the project is service-oriented, and special attention needed to be given to UX — the ease of interaction. Plus, it was necessary to consider all the required functionality, so detailed wireframes were essential here.

For each scenario, I made interactive presentations to identify gaps in logic and refine them at this stage.
I developed the company's logo, proposed several color scheme options.
Main Page
User research and analytics made it clear that the main functionality on the main page is the search bar and filters. Therefore, the search was kept in the first block and the most popular categories with images were added.
The main task of the main page is to showcase all the platform's capabilities, build trust, and redirect to the catalog of lots. Therefore, the blocks were interspersed with product cards, a few banners with the main services, and reviews were added.
All Lots
In the card, I made a fixed block with a button, divided all sections, brought the most important information to the top in open blocks — prices, trade dates, object address. Everything else was hidden in expandable cards to avoid stretching the page.

The information is secondary and there can be a lot of it, so I decided to hide it. For upselling, blocks with similar lots and similar categories were added. Search Page

Search page
Here, special attention was given to filters, making lot cards more convenient. In the old design, there was a lot of continuous text content; here, we reduced the text to two or three lines and highlighted the main points.
Personal Account
Besides the main pages, I developed a personal account that consists of 8 sections.
Modal Windows
We thoroughly worked out all popup and modal windows, success windows, purchase, tariffs, and others.
UI kit
Such projects cannot do without preparing layouts for web development. I prepared a UI kit, showed the style, animations, and interactive prototypes so that web developers would have no questions.
More than 160 layouts and more than 100 hours
That's what we ended up with. With all states, modal windows, and adaptations for tablet and mobile versions.
In the End
The project was web-developed and launched with a new design:
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