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Интернет-магазин ювелирных украшений

Goals, tasks
The company is engaged in the sale of unique handmade silver and gold products. The task was to redesign the online jewelry store, make it convenient and modern. Develop a personal account and a convenient system for placing an order and purchasing goods.
I talked to the client and did some research. It turned out that the main segment of the audience is women 50+. We decided to make a simple, neat site. Minimize "decorations" and focus on convenient checkout.
*link to the old site, the new site is still under development
14 дней
development time
Texts and prototype
The texts from the old site were taken as a basis, I corrected them and brought them to the desired form. I removed the superfluous, singled out the main thing, placed accents. Then she developed a prototype, on which we coordinated the texts and structure of the entire site and blocks within each page.
I prepared a moodboard in order to determine the general mood and style of the site. With the help of it, we coordinated the colors and fonts for the site with the customer.
Design concepts
Jewelery, like clothing, is best perceived when shown in use. Therefore, for the main page, I decided to take a photo of the model and prepared several concepts. Customers liked all the options, but decided to stop at the first one, as the most neutral one.
Main page
The basis of the design is a combination of delicate beige and brown colors, which are associated with natural materials and stones. The task was to show the uniqueness. Jewelry is made by hand and none of them is repeated. The customer didn't have her good product photos, so we used images from the old site. I had to beat it with the design of the page. Over time, the customer will add new, high-quality photos.
Old site
New design
Internal page
In total, more than 30 layouts and a mobile version for each were developed. Reflected various states, errors and modal windows in all layouts.
Catalog and cards
In the catalog, I worked out filters and quick access to the most popular products - I moved them to the top menu. I removed unnecessary content from the card, and moved all secondary information to a separate menu.
Old site
New catalog design
Old site
New product card design
Personal Area
In the personal account, I made it possible to repeat the order, change the profile data, leave a review and see the status of the created order.
Adaptive versions
More than 30 layouts for the mobile version of the site were made. In them, I also reflected all states, modals and errors
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