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Goals, tasks
Develop a multi-page site on Tilda for an NGO that helps women, indigenous peoples of the north. Task: to make not just a standard boring site with information about events, but a live blog and stories about women.
I decided to use Tilda because the site needs to be live, with constantly updated content. For the history of each woman, I created separate unique pages, with high-quality content in the form of photos and texts. I also decided to use streams in order to simplify the further independent work of customers with the site.
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development time
After the first discussion of the project, I prepared a diagram of the future site in order to understand the scope of work and structure. We finalized it together with the customer and this is what happened.
Texts and prototype
The customer partially provided the texts, some of them were taken from the old page. I finalized them and brought them to the desired look for the site. Then I prepared a prototype, with a well-thought-out block structure and texts.
I prepared a moodboard in order to determine the general mood and style of the site. In the moodboard, I used the symbols of the indigenous peoples of the north. Here we decided on the colors and fonts.
Design concepts
I did not have any strong restrictions in design. Therefore, in the concepts, I decided to make different options, focusing on the theme of the site. I used associations with indigenous peoples, their symbols. It turned out as many as 5 variants of concepts. We stopped at the last one.
Main page
The design uses a minimum of pictures, an emphasis on content and font. The page is more informational and is needed to redirect to other important pages about women.
Internal pages
In total, about 40 pages were developed, including system pages. Some of them - blog and news, are made on building blocks, with the help of streams. So that the customer can independently fill the site. For a separate history of women, unique pages were created.
Adaptive versions
Sites on Tilda I always typeset for 5 screen resolutions. Particular emphasis, of course, on the mobile version.
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