Online store
of equipment for the production of chocolate

Интернет-магазин оборудования для производства шоколада на Тильде

Goals, tasks
It was necessary to redesign the old site of the Sakumi online store. The company is engaged in the development and sale of equipment for the production of chocolate. Particular attention is paid to customer service and further support.
I talked with the customer, conducted a small study of competitors. We came to the conclusion that a store on Tilda is perfect for their small production. In the future, it will be easy for the customer to fill his store with goods or make changes.
edited and updated by the customer*
14 дней
development time
Texts and prototype
I have edited the provided texts. Then I prepared a prototype, with a well-thought-out block structure and texts.
I prepared a moodboard in order to determine the general mood and style of the site. In the moodboard, I used associations with the production of chocolate. Here we decided on the colors and fonts.
Design concepts
The client had strict design requirements: a simple interface and minimalism. Therefore, I made concepts as close as possible to the request. We settled on the second design option.
Main page
The main page uses a minimum of pictures, focusing on content and photos. I made a minimalistic design to focus on the products and the catalog.
Internal pages
In total, about 40 pages were developed, including system pages. Great emphasis was placed on the product catalog. We decided to make unique product cards, since there is not so much equipment and it is possible to edit them manually. Most of it is assembled on Zero-block. I have connected the shopping cart and data collection forms. Since the order is always made through the manager, we have not yet connected the payment system.
Adaptive versions
Sites on Tilda I always typeset for 5 screen resolutions. Particular emphasis, of course, on the mobile version.
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