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Website for a course
on conscious visual

Сайт для онлайн-курса на Тильде

Goals, tasks
Create a landing page for the course with payment options. Also prepare template pages for the course itself, which will be located on Tilda.

It is important that the pages are easy to edit, fill and open on your own as you progress through the course.
About project
The Conscious Visual course - training in creating visual content and designing blogs on Instagram


edited and updated by the customer*
10 days
development time
On the website, it was important to convey associations with the customer's blog and its positioning. Colors were chosen - blue, blue, white. To decide on shades and fonts, I prepared a moodboard.
Design concepts
I prepared a choice of 4 options for the first screen, where I offered different solutions.
Site development
I developed the design, made up the site on Tilda, connected all the necessary forms and payments. We decided to make a full-fledged course on Tilda, so I made up internal pages with educational materials, text, photo and video content.

In my personal account, I set up the main page with a detailed description of each module and links to opening lessons.

The link to access is sent to the student by e-mail after confirmation of payment. And further pages open as you progress through the course.

After each lesson, you have the opportunity to leave your impressions, you can also download ready-made materials.

The full version of the page can be viewed at the link: https://ocean-muse.ru
Adaptive versions
Sites on Tilda I always typeset for 5 screen resolutions. Particular emphasis, of course, on the mobile version.
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