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Jet Rental

Интернет-магазин ювелирных украшений

About the project
An American startup for leasing and renting private jets. The service allows you to lease out your private jet, rent a jet, conduct maintenance, find co-owners (to share maintenance costs and taxes), and provides qualified pilots and instructors.
Goals and Objectives
Complete redesign of the existing interface. The client declined research and testing, so we improved the interface based on all business processes, technical and legal constraints, and our experience.
Redesign of the main page and internal landings, redesign of the service with a personal account area.
Over 100 Hours
Development Time
UX research
Conducted minimal research to delve deeper into the task and understand how the service works, conducted several interviews with the project manager. We compiled all possible service usage scenarios, outlined an information expectation model for each type of user.
Then developed wireframes for all scenarios. I made them detailed because the project is service-oriented, and it was necessary to pay special attention to UX — the convenience of interaction. Plus, it was necessary to include all the needed functionality, so detailed wireframes were essential. The old interface served as a benchmark.

For each scenario, I made interactive presentations to spot any gaps in logic and refine them at this stage.
Due to the direction's specificity, it was not possible to reduce the number of data collection forms, so I tried to make these interfaces user-friendly for filling out - divided them into stages, made step-by-step forms.

It was necessary to preserve the company's brand colors and logo.

Main page
The first screen of the aircraft owner's personal account, who can also be an instructor and pilot. Here we show a small summary of all indicators - income per month, number of flights, rating, and number of bookings for the last month.

On the main screen, the owner sees all the current and past bookings of their aircraft.

Aircrafts Page
The next page is for aircrafts owned by the user. Here is also a brief summary with information about the aircraft, its cost, and more detailed information can be obtained by going to the aircraft's page. You can also view the aircraft's booking schedule, detailed statistics, flight history, and add a booking or remove booking access.
To simplify the registration process considering the constraints, I divided it into 4 steps. Each step has subsections, which are also divided into sections within the page. All fields have hints and auto-fill options.
Add aircrafts
An owner can add a new aircraft. Here, we encountered a large number of legal and bureaucratic nuances. In the USA, such matters are strictly regulated by law, hence the service is compelled to collect a vast amount of information about both the aircraft and the owner.
Schedule and Booking an Aircraft
The old design had a very inconvenient booking system, where it was difficult to understand the statuses and dates of bookings without hints. In the new version, I decided to go with a calendar-like approach. Here we immediately see empty slots, occupied dates and times, and can understand the types of bookings by color. And we can also create a new one by clicking on the desired slot or the add button.
On the dashboard, the top line displays the most important information, and below, more detailed information over time in graphs. On the right is shown a list of pilots who used the aircraft in the reporting period and the most frequent clients are visible
Instructor Booking Card
The card provides full information on the flight and the student. There is also the option to add notes to the lesson.
Instructor Bookings
The aircraft owner can also serve as an instructor. On this page, we see current bookings, date, time, and place of departure, information on the student, and the cost of the flight.
Tariffs and Plans
On the tariff page, we can see the current plan, as well as the option to change the plan.
Account Settings
In the settings, you can change information about the flight, pilot, and instructor.
Modal Windows
We thoroughly worked out all the pop-up and modal windows, success notifications, purchases, tariffs, and others.
UI kit
For such projects, it's essential to prepare the designs for development. I prepared a UI kit, demonstrated the styling, animations, and interactive prototypes to ensure that the developers had no questions.
Over 80 Layouts and Over 100 Hours
In the end, we produced over 80 layouts with all states, modal windows, and adaptations for tablet and mobile versions.
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