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Интернет-магазин ювелирных украшений

This is a service for investors to manage real estate. The project includes four types of users and numerous scenarios:

  1. Investor/Property Owner
  2. Manager
  3. Tenant
  4. Accountant
  5. Line staff (cleaners, repair technicians, etc.)
About client
The client is the investor. They invest in real estate themselves and want to make the management process transparent, understandable, and convenient primarily for other investors.
Goals and tasks
This is a startup, and the task was challenging – to create a large and complex service from scratch without any analogs or benchmarks.
Research, detailed wireframes, User Flow, interactive prototype
development of UI-kit and preparation of layouts for web development
60 days
time of developing
What was done
The project is large and complex, so we conducted several interviews to immerse ourselves in the task and better understand the users. I prepared a list of questions, to which the client and the managing agent provided detailed answers
We developed a service scheme to understand its scope and structure. It turned out to be very large :) I will show an approximate volume of its part.
Proto personas
Among our users were:
  • investor
  • manager (real estate agent)

Which was good, as it allowed us to create profiles of these roles.
For others, we developed personas based on data from the client and the manager.
I made a CJM for each persona and for each main goal.
For the investor - to register on the site, add a manager, monitor their work, and view statistics.
For the manager - to conveniently manage the property, report on work, and assign tasks to the staff.
For the accountant - to handle document flow conveniently and control payments.
For the tenant - to communicate easily with the manager, leave tasks or complaints online.
Job Strories
Based on all the information above, I compiled job stories and outlined possible solutions in the interface and functionality.
Next was the long work on wireframes. I made them detailed because the project is service-oriented and special attention had to be paid to UX - ease of interaction + all necessary functionality had to be considered. Detailed wireframes were indispensable here.

During the process, many things were refined, added, or simplified. Wireframes were tested and shown to the manager and other agents.

For each scenario, I made interactive presentations to spot logic gaps and refine them at this stage.
I developed the company logo and proposed several color scheme options. I will walk you through some pages and explain in more detail.
Each user category has its homepage. Here's the page for the owner and investor. For them, the most important thing is to see financial indicators and the efficiency of the manager's work.
All Properties
Here's a table with the most important information about all properties, where you can compare them, check occupancy, available spaces, delve into the property card, or add a new one.
Property Card
On the property page, there's all the filled information about it: photos, manager, its structure, characteristics, documents, and much more. Only the owner and the manager have access to editing.
Editing Spaces
We developed a small editor where you can select the necessary space from the floor plan.
Task Page
Here you can create a task for the staff, choose the relevant property and department, view short information on the task card, and sort by status.

More than 70 files
We ended up with all states, modal windows, and other beauties.
In the end
Unfortunately, in September 2022, the project was put on hold. And so far, it remains at the design stage. There is hope that it will go into development soon, and then I will be able to show it in the release :)
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